Michelle is a leadership and organization development practices expert with extensive knowledge in aligning culture and strategies for ultimate effectiveness. Her passion for developing people to drive strong business results, combined with her many years of facilitation work and strong intuition serves to assist companies in reaching their goals while developing strong teams and people.

Over 17+ years, she added significant value as a top executive for Direct Supply, a leading organization in the long-term healthcare industry. Having held positions in leading sales, learning and development, human resources, and organizational development, Michelle has rich business experiences to draw from. Her style of authentic leadership and passion for positive change has been a key influence in shaping the overall vision of organizations.

In 2013, Michelle collaborated with Jane Schroeder to create Momentum Partners, a consulting and coaching firm dedicated to comprehensive Talent Engagement. Their work focused on working with teams and groups; drawing on individual strengths, bringing out the wisdom of the group, and developing leadership skills that ensure success – ultimately building a Productive Performance Culture. Michelle joined PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer in October of 2019 to build the infrastructure of a fast-growing entrepreneurial company in order to meet organizational goals now and into the future.