Incorporate innovation into your cultural DNA to reinvigorate your business and perpetuate ROI-driven evolution.

Personalized Consumer Experience

It is critical to understand the different actors that will play a role in the development, delivery, and consumption of your services for any service implementation. Tuatara engages with clients to map out the various actors’ personas that are impacted by the change in service and integrate their specific needs into the solution build, deployment, and operational requirements.

Measure Adoption to Plan

Is your business fully realizing the benefits of the services you are deploying to your customers? ROI and business value are essential components of a business case. Errantly, most companies do not measure if the desired ROI is ever truly realized after launch. The team at Tuatara can help define models and methodologies to track adoption to target while helping surface issues where targets are not being achieved so adjustments can be made real-time ensuring desired results are achieved.

Communication & Training

Change is hard. Tuatara can help your organization expedite and improve the effectiveness of change adoption. Clear communication, defined adoption targets, well thought out training plans can significantly alter the success change efforts. Tuatara’s consultants can help define your organizational change plan to ensure that the solution is defined, communicated, deployed and consumed to desired expectations.