Expand what data can do for your organization by leveraging modern platforms, predictive analytics, and third-party data.

Modernize Data Platforms

Tuatara’s consultants will architect, engineer, deploy, and support your modern data platform. Extend the on-premises data estate to the cloud, modernize it, or build an entirely new data ecosystem – we have you covered! These solutions can involve data factories, data lakes and modern warehousing technical solutions to meet business needs.

Machine Learning & AI

Leverage machine intelligence and AI to capture the unexploited areas of business data. Tuatara consultants will train and deploy machine learning models and use them to provide solutions to your business that allow you to stay ahead of the competition. Leverage AI capabilities such as bots to increase speed-to-market and customer satisfaction.

Data Source Integration

Not all business-critical data is generated internally within an enterprise or contained within one system. Tuatara’s consultants will work with you to define the data structure, evaluate options, and design, build and implement the correct integration.

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